Distance Learning Delivery is leveraging AI and machine learning to create the next generation learning platform.

Analytics power engagement. Engagement powers learning. Learning drives outcomes.
DLD is creating a revolutionary learning-as-a-service platform. Join us.


What's the problem?

The pandemic made education remote and hybrid overnight. Teachers lost engagement with their students, and as a result, feedback as to how their material was being received or whether it was even effective at all.

Enterprise found that remote touch was less effective than in person knowledge transfer, with loss of customer product adoption.

Learner’s dissatisfaction with remote learning was widely noted and is showing up in lower enrollments, less overall engagement, cancelled programs, and reduced revenue.

The DLD Solution


We're building tools to span the entire learning lifecycle.

Online courses wired to Learning Analytics. Collapses the distance, amplifies engagement and learners' satisfaction, and improves learning outcomes.

Knowledge Commons provides a repository of the best instructional materials, and interaction/access among teaching professionals.

Lesson builder and planner that enables easy creation and delivery of courses with analytics built-in.

“DLD Railroad” is an on-ramp to the Learning Platform, providing seamless connectivity for the institution.

Multi part engagement-focused Learning Suite with all modules tied together by AI/ML analytics.

Engagement: Field-proven software that creates medical community-based learning.

Content creation: Lesson builder & planner that guides faculty to create content aligned with learning objectives. Generously sprinkled with assessments.

Content Repository: Provides AI/ML-assisted recommendations from a universe of curated learning materials.

Meet Our Team

We're entrepreneurs, engineers, strategists, development pros, and researchers.

George Gatsis

Engineering & dev

EdTech leader for over 25 years, CTO, SVP, managing product development, leading software professionals, building turnkey software organizations & commercial digital solutions. Worked for Follett, with P&L responsibility for their K12 commercial platforms division. MBA & BS in Computer Engineering. Canine rescue specialist.

Michael Mah

Organizational strategy

Author on business and engineering agility, agile and cultural transformation. Managing partner, SW technology startup, founder QSM Associates, Inc., entrepreneur. International keynote speaker on market disruptors and high-performance teams. Tufts BS EE/Physics, Certificated in Dispute Resolution and Mediation, Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School. Private pilot.

Chris Bunio

Strategy & business dev

Former head of Higher Education (HE) for Microsoft’s global education business, driving global HE & K12 initiatives. 25+ years of experience in technology and business development, managing software development and leading multiple>$1 billion business divisions. BSc in Physics. Black Belt Tae Kwon Do.

Dr. Stan Rifkin, PhD

Research & development

Long-time advisory services provider.CIO, visiting scientist, defense & intelligence program manager. Helps organizations put best practices into actual practice. Focuses on solving difficult problems. Decades engineering management graduate school adjunct. Professor of the Year. Doctorate in education.

Our Distinguished Advisors + Content Providers

Content provider: 

Charlie Camarda, PhD, NASA astronaut, and expert in structures & materials technology. 

Created a method for driving high-performing teams interactively to solve the most difficult problems, Epic Challenge educational program, and is sharing these methods in university workshops and learning laboratories. Doctorate in aerospace engineering.

Content provider: 

Louie Psihoyos, Academy Award-winning filmmaker and Executive Director & Founder of the Oceanic Preservation Society.

One of the top still photographers in the world who created iconic images for National Geographic and hundreds of covers for other magazines for over 18 years. First documentary film, The Cove, won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Film of 2009. His second film, the Emmy Nominated Racing Extinction was awarded “Best Environmental Film of the Decade” by the Green Film Network, a consortium of the top 30 environmental film festivals around the world.

Distinguished advisor:

Dr David Kellermann, Ph.D. in computational mechanics, is now a senior lecturer in the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at the University of New South Wales in Sydney.

An avid collaborator with Microsoft, and as one of his many accomplishments, he has developed a new AI-based learning platform for his students in Australia that just may lead the way to global change in how higher education gets delivered.

Distinguished advisor:

Dr William Khoury-Hanold, Ph.D is an associate research scientist at Yale University School of Medicine.

With a decade of research experience, he has developed expertise in the immunology of infectious diseases and food allergy. As a scientist, his passion is applying cutting-edge knowledge and best practices in teaching to train, educate and mentor the next generation of scientists and clinicians. Ph.D. in immunology.

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